Hair Brushes & Makeup Brushes...

Mark Navarro has spent nearly nineteen years mastering them both! Equally capable with each set of brushes, Mark can create flawless beauty for the most discerning taste and the most fashion-forward trendsetter. With his diverse educational background, extensive experience and personal flair for fashion, beauty is but a few twists and turns away!

Entering into the beauty industry as a photographer, Mark Navarro worked with many hair & makeup artists and models. Shortly into his photography career, Mark recognized the need to change direction. Fascinated by the hair & makeup transformations that took place before him, he decided to expand his bag of tricks to include hair brushes & makeup brushes. So without hesitation and with an ambitious determination to learn both hair & makeup for print, he enrolled into the world renowned AVEDA Institute where he excelled in the areas of hairstyling and makeup applications. Winning awards and graduating with honors, Mark had the opportunity to return to the school to pilot a makeup class to itsstudents while also appearing throughout the Twin Cities as a guest makeup artist for AVEDA.

Since his time at AVEDA, Mark has worked in the Twin Cities' most reputable salons and trained with the world's top hairstylists and makeup artists, all while his work continues to appear in print, online, and on runways, on men and women alike! One of his greatest achievements was to work and train in the heart of Milan's fashion district. While training under Italy's most reputable master hairstylist, Mark discovered the essence of his calling and founded his professional philosophy that beauty is individual, it is diverse and it yours to realize.
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